In 2023 I came to the DR and spent 7 miserable days with a competitor of DR Nights. It took me 6 months and a lot of faith to finally reach out to Mark at DR Nights in August. We talked for several months and I now have a new friendship! I just returned and cannot begin to express how blessed I was to have found DR Nights. The professional honest, open and genuine experience is just that! It’s not a marketing ploy! The level of commitment, dedication and kindness is from the top down as it should be. I want to thank Mark, Luis and my Companion for 10 days of bliss. Please do not be taken!!! DR Nights is a model of business culture catering to the customer. Thank you, Thank you 🥂. I have just made arrangements for January of 2025. Look no further friends. DR Nights sets the standard of excellence exquisitely!
The Windy City

– John P

I recently flew into DR and met with Edward (host) and Edward (driver) for a week long relaxation vacation with DR Nights…one word: AWESOME!! Both gentlemen were super friendly, made everything smooth for my first time and answered all my questions on services, hotel, logistics, etc. They met me at the airport, 2 beautiful girls and an incredible experience.. anything I requested, they provided. Everything was seamless, they were both highly responsive and I wanted to get to the airport (very) early: no problem. Exactly on time, extremely friendly and Luna (Maria) was simply gorgeous! She was exactly what I needed for my trip, she’s just laid back, sexy and highly recommended! Just wanted to give this feedback on your services: your personnel are impeccable and I will be back soon for another vacation in the DR with your professional team.

Huge thanks to my 2 new DR friends: Edwards and Edward!!

My Best, Chris

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– Chris C.


I just wanted t leave a review.
It’s really to put into words what this trip was like, but I’m going to try. First and foremost, the DR will forever be a special place to me. The people, the food, and the music, all amazing. Before committing to a vacation trip with DR Nights, I was a little skeptical, unsure if the services and experience would be up to par, but after going out there for four days and three nights I can honestly say that it was worth every single penny. I did my homework and researched all the competing resorts out there, DR Nights was highly responsive with all of my questions and their website gave me all extra information i needed to ultimately feel confident in my decision to choose them. A significant factor in the success of my trip was Edward! Edward made sure I felt like a KING, anything i needed, he made sure he would accommodate me no matter what the circumstances. Beyond his ability to meet my daily requests, he was an AMAZING host, and frankly, i consider him a friend now (we both apparently love DMX). He helped show me around, he taught me about the DR, served as a translator, and he gave me all the helpful insights i needed to ensure the best time with my companions. Edward is literally a gem. Because of him, i don’t think i would choose any other vacation competitor if I’m able to come back in the future. Furthermore, my driver (i forgot his name) was the consignment professional and enthusiastic about meeting me and bringing me to my reception party. Lastly, my companions were all stunning and made me feel like a rockstar. I want to specifically shout out Daisha and Hillary though. Daisha is nurturing and attentive, her priority was making sure that i was having fun and ALWAYS satisfied. We didn’t talk with each other too much given the language barrier but our nonverbal communication was perfect as she made it a priority to keep me happy by reading my nonverbal cues. Hillary, brought me to my knees to be quite frank. I’m not one to fall for one person but we went from sending 2hr with each other to me insisting that my entire Sunday be spent with her (thank you, Edward). Hillary and I initially had language barrier issues but she was so engaged with me that we became very comfortable piecing together Spanish and English. With a little help from a translator app, we had amazing conversations over dinner and during other aspects of our time together. Hillary was sensual, playful, fun-loving, and relatable. If she isn’t already on the “dream team” she needs to be seriously concerned for that title. One last thing, I told Edward that I only wanted companions who were genuinely interested in having a good time. Fortunately for me, I enjoyed every moment with every companion. My advice for future guests who are reading this would be to have the right attitude going in. Be a gentleman and respectful to everyone who works hard to make your vacation a reality. Thank you, companions, thank you ownership, and THANK YOU, Edward for making sure my trip came together perfectly. I already told all of my friends that DR Nights is the only way to go. Fingers crossed, i hope my next trip comes sooner than later.

all the best,


– LM

I would like to state my gratitude to Edward (VIP Host) in his professional VIP service during my vacation. He was the best VIP host a person good want. He explained everything to me, was very timely in arranging my vacation plans, and punctual in execution. Thank you

Thank you, Anthony D.

– Anthony .D

Good morning, I just wanted to email you about my experience last weekend with DR nights. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived and kind of expected it to be a bit of a scam. I was pleasantly surprised though. Edward was really amazing and really went out of his way to make sure everything was perfect! I felt like I really made a friend with him and he was there for anything I needed. Vanesa was also a really amazing girl that made me feel comfortable right from the start. I was feeling petty down when I arrived because of personal issues, but those two made my trip very enjoyable. They are great people to have working for you!

Thank you, Jason S.

– J.S.