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All sex vacation packages include:

Dr.Nights sex vacation packages truly redefine All Inclusive resorts adults only include companions, airport transfer, beachfront resort., please see detailed list below:

Sex vacation package rates displayed below are examples of sex resort packages you are able to create via our travel reservation form; Our purpose is to give you a quick look at our basic rates without having to go through our travel reservation form. In the event a variation in rates happen to occur the travel reservation form quote is deemed as the correct price. All Prices displayed anywhere on our website are in United States Dollars (USD). For Punta Cana escorts outcall reservations click here.Click button below to add more nights, girls, room types and even excursions. Create your all inclusive resorts adults only perfect package. Auto quote will be displayed on last page of reservation form.

Rates & Packages

adult vacation

Relief Package

$999USD / per night
  • Relief Package
  • Per night w/ 2 night minimum
    You can add more nights via reservation form.
  • Platinum suite
    You can upgrade your room type via reservation form.
  • 1 (24hr.) Companion per night
    You can add more companions via reservation form. Price displayed above does not include the European collection.
  • Assumptions
    To get this price you will need to pay with Bitcoin
sex vacation

Package # 2

$1,299USD / per night
  • Player Package
    This option allows to exchange your 24 hr. companion daily at 3pm.
  • Per night w/ 2 night minimum
    You can add more nights via reservation form.
  • Platinum Suite
    You can upgrade your room type via reservation form.
  • 1 (24 hr.) Companion per night.
    You can add more companions via reservation form. Price displayed above does not include the European collection.
  • Assumptions
    To get this price we assumed you used the Save 31% payment option and set your choices as described above.
sex tourism

Package # 3

$1,672USD / per night
  • Best Seller!
  • Per night w/ 2 night minimum
    You can add more nights via reservation form.
  • Platinum Suite
    You can upgrade your room type via reservation form.
  • 1 (24 hr.) Companion per night + 1 (2hr.) companion per night.
    You can add more companions via reservation form. Price displayed above does not include the European collection.
  • Assumptions
    To get this price we assumed you used the Save 31% payment option and set your choices as described above.
adult vacations

Package # 4

$1,899USD / per night
  • Threesome Package
  • Per night w/ 2 night minimum
    You can add more nights via reservation form.
  • Platinum Suite
    You can upgrade your room type via reservation form.
  • 2 (24 hr.) Companions per night
    You can add more companions via reservation form. Price displayed above does not include the European collection.
  • Assumptions
    To get this price we assumed you used the Save 31% payment option and set your choices as described above.

Themed Vacation Packages

golf and sex
  • Play 3 Top Golf Courses
  • 4 Nights /5 days
  • Platinum Suite
  • 1 (24hr.) Companion for 4 Nights
  • Assumptions
    We assume you will select the "Save 21" payment option.
  • Low Season Rate $5K, High Season & 8K
    Low season rate $5,000 USD, High Season $7999 USD

sex vacations
  • Couples Sampler Package
  • 2 Nights /3 days
  • Platinum Suite
  • 1 (24hr.) Companion for 2 Nights
  • Assumptions
    We assume you will select the "Save 31" payment option.
  • Starting at $3,272 USD

private jet sex vacation
  • High Roller Package
  • 4 Nights /5 days
  • Private Villa # 6
    This package includes our beach front villa # 6
  • 5 (24hr.) Companion for 4 Nights
  • Assumptions
    We assume you will select the "Save 21" payment option.
  • $100K USD
vacation club
Come to Paradise

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Comments (208)

I’ll try to keep this short. DR nights is everything that you hope it would be. I never felt like this was a bad decision. From the moment I landed, everyone I met, the top priority was my happiness. Cold beer, cigar, 2 beautiful souls all waiting for me in a large SUV. To say I felt like royalty would be an understatement.

My personal host, Edward, made me feel like family, immediately. NO REQUEST was too extreme or made to feel like I couldn’t ask. They are professionals and their professionalism showed at every encounter.They went above and beyond to make sure it did not have any problems. All I can say is come to play the game, Get into character and ride this spectacular vacation to it’s fullest.

My companion was amazing. She was a GF, a Best Friend, a translator, and tour guide among a mountain of other things. Imagine going on vacation with someone who is genuinely excited to do everything you want to do. beach day, no prob, hit up an excursion, fuck yeah. I did the Dune Buggy excursion and was not expecting it to be as fun and as fulfilling as it turned out to be. I have memories that will stay with me forever. Memories I needed to make. THANKS AGAIN DR NIGHTS. I WILL BE BACK!


Love the fact you had so much fun, we do hope to see you again in the near future


Hi, I am planning a trip there next december or january, I have a few questions though,

1- If I opt to choose 3 (three) 24hr companions and preselect one, do I still get the reception party to choose the other two?

2- Are Platinum suites spacious enough to accomodate me and 2-3 companions at the same time?

3- If I get two or three 24-hr companions do you guys help with choosing process so that I can choose two girls who get along well with each other (for 3some purposes of course)

4- If I choose the minimum package, ie. 2 nights and 1 companion, when I get there can I extend my stay and increase my companions to 2? (paying the difference of course)

Thank you!

Married, can’t get away. One day I plan on escaping. My wife us a beautiful Dominican. However, would love someone else for a change. Like Tokyo!!!

Do you have any companions with measures of upper chest, torso, thighs as about 36″,26″,62″ with a height of at least 6 feet, with little-to-no wrinkling of the skin, firm very round breasts, and very round thighs and butt?

do you get full service with the ladys? i just want to make sure. no extra anything right?

That is correct, we have “No Hidden Fee” policy.

I am interested in a 7 night vacation with 2 dominant women and 1 dominant tranny part time. Public humiliation, bondage, tease and Denile . Edging , toys.

Can you supply some suggestions on ladies that will allow DFK,DATY,Oral with out cover,anal, and true GFE

Please login to members area to view services offered by each companion.

They are international!
Why I can’t not found this site in french, Italien, spanish or german language now?

Is this only for americans? I wanna reservation


We cater to the world.


Hi, can I get info on bareback option?


As a member, after submitting your reservation please fill out preselection form in members area and select unprotected option.


Typical ages? I’m 67, will I feel totally out of place?


You will feel right at home here, average client age is 50.

Cheers 😉

What is the current Covid situation? I am vaccinated but that’s not 100 percent foolproof


This is a dynamic situation. currently there are no travel restrictions.

What is the European package?

What are the Covid regualtion in DR and at the resort?
also I’d like information on bareback please?

This is a dynamic situation and may change from the time of this writing. It is best to check with customs. Currently we are testing clients at resort in order to get required paperwork to get back into U.S. this is expected to change for vaccinated individuals. This comment is time sensitive and may not be relevant in the near future. Please check with airlines and customs.

Look forward to a visit

My wife are considering, the couples package, with the two companion, can it be one male for her and a female for me?;


We do have Males and Females available.


Do u have male straight escorts young for mature woman going to be in punta cana 8:9 8:17


We do indeed offer male escorts, please fill out our reservation form to proceed Rates & Packages


Do you provide bareback options also??

Do you provide of injection for erectile disfunction?

Want more details ?

This can be arranged with your VIP host.

Hi, Can you send me more information on the bareback option? Thanks.

I’d like information on bareback please

Not sure about Horseback riding they might have

I am looking forward to visiting in Jan 2021 for three nights. Do I have to be covid tested before arrival in DR? Is there someone I could PM for more detailed questions?

I would like to visit in late November,early December. Am I required to be civic tested before my departure from US? Is there someone available to ask other questions before my reservation?

Scott this is a dynamic situation we would rather not comment on . Rest assured whatever the final decision maybe from either government, we will add to the current client arrival logistics and handle it accordingly.


Can I have more info on the bareback option please?


PM sent.

Cheers 😉


Would you provide the same information to me as well.

Many thanks,

Hi. Could you please provide me information re filming/photography?


This is not a general question, each companion has her rules on filming and photography. You may discuss this at reception party or after making selections.

Cheers 😉

Does sex with girls cost extra at the time or all services with the girls are included?


Sex is included in all packages at no additional cost, Please view our “No Hidden Fee” policy.

Cheers 🙂

Hello, I am interested is visiting your resort for 4-5 days in November, and request clarification of your pricing. The prices for Packages 1 – 4 assume a “Save 31% payment option”, but I do not see that option in your terms and conditions. I see 21% option, but I am unclear overall how to get the price quoted for these packages. I am interested in Package # 3 to get the 2 hour companion per night, so please clarify what my actual price would be for each of the payment options. I have many other questions as well about the services and policies of the resort. Business first. Your help will be appreciated.

Could I get a PM on the bareback options please.

nobody wants your bare cock jake, strap up

Can I have more info on the bareback option please?

Hello I’d like to get more information on the bareback option and Information on how much the average cost of a girl if I wanted to do an out call if I’m not staying at your resort.

I really like Greek do the girls provide that


Each girls has her own rules, Please log in to view services offered.

Cheers 🙂

Can I get info in your bareback services please

Skipjack65 Skipjack65

When am I given the option to preselect the girl(s)?


After placing your reservation, log into members area and fill out preselection request form.

Cheers 🙂

How much does it cost for 6 nights, 4 girls in a hotel with you guys?


Please use our travel form to quote this package.

Cheers 🙂

Can I have more info on the bareback option please?

Can I get info on your bareback services

This looks very interesting. Is it secure for US Citizens.

Brandy ,

Please be advised Dr.Nights is an American owned company, We go that extra mile to ensure the safety of all our resort visitors.

Cheers 🙂

Brandy can i get a dominatrix to serve .
I would like her to make me her bitch for my trip

Im confused.

In the packages they say 24 hour companion per night. So if I book a 3 night stay. The same girl that I picked at the reception will stay with me the entire stay right. Or only for the first 24 hours?


If you pick the 24 hour companion option, then yes; that girl will be with you till you leave. However, if you wish to exchange the 24 hr. companion daily at 1-3pm then be sure to select the “24hr exchangeable” option via travel form.

Cheers 🙂

Could I get info regarding the bareback policies?


PM has been sent.

Cheers 🙂

How often are the companions profiles updated with new pictures and current age?


We do not reshoot companions, they are posted in blog format on our website. Newer companions are first to appear. However, as a member you do have a right to request non professional updated pictures of any confirmed preselected companion. We usually obtain these pictures from their instagram or facebook posts.

Cheers 🙂

Can you have sex round the pool with your companion looking to come in July thanks


Sex must occur in the privacy of your room or on the beach at night at your discretion.

Cheers 🙂

What is bareback option? If it is what I think it is, both the lady and the guest are thoroughly tested before the encounter?

This trip would cost $2465.00. My last trip was around 4 yrs ago. How have your prices changed. I would assume with all the negative publicity, your prices would drop. Is it safe still?


You assume we were affected by the negative publicity on the entire country. The fact is those were isolated incidents which luckily our clients were smart enough to understand for example (if something happened at the Hilton in New York, they will not stop travel plans to The United States).

Due to our niche business model, and commitment to delivering great adult vacation experiences; We have been very fortunate since our inception and have created a loyal and strong community, Over the years we have connected with our clients to the point where they will not even enter the country if we are not there to greet them, Some have moved here, Others have married companions they have connected with, and a few who have become lifelong friends.

Dr.Nights is American owned and our loyalty is with our clients.

Cheers 🙂

I’m Leary ,. Like to chat w you get more comfortable


Better yet, please call us we can gladly put you at ease. 888-207-5397

Cheers 😉

Selected the $1288 package for 3 nights and price total comes up to $6,000+ after a $3,000+ discount. how is that possible?


If you are trying to match up packages, Then you must do exactly that.
I can already guess your payment option is not using bitcoin/wire and that is required to match prices.

Cheers 😉

What is the cost difference for European companion? I see that you have to pay for premium membership just to view their profiles.

Are you able to accept a wire payment through Moneygram? They require an “individual” at the receiving end rather than account number or institution. Thank you.


Unfortunately, we do not accept Moneygram. alternatively, please use wire transfer.

Cheers 😉

I know this has been asked but do the girls allow back option? Btw, best website I have seen. Thumbs up!

i need more information


After all the information shared on this website can you please specify what exact information are you missing?

Cheers 🙂

Jayroman Jayroman

For the 2k tip option , where are the Pre approved labs located?

Like your website the best of all I’ve seen. I’m planning on taking a vacation in June for 4 nights and had a few questions – some are the same as others have asked (bare option? Taking pictures?) but also about what the ladies are open to doing on the ride from the airport to the resort? I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thanks for your kind comments, We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Cheers 🙂

superb awesome Fentastic superb

Hello I am currently in DR with family, is there anyway to do one late night till morning with European girls ? And what would be the rate ?


Unfortunately, we have a two night minimum.

Cheers 🙂

Just like Mark, I am interested in the bareback option and the filming question. Could you please send me some information?



PM has been sent.


Can you email me info on this as well video and bareback


PM sent.


Can you also send me email regarding bareback option.

I am also interested in bareback option. Thanks!

my turn. info on bareback and video. turning 60 soon and want to treat myself to a good time while I still can.


PM sent.

Cheers 😉

Also interested in bareback and filming for souvenir. More specifically, if I take 2 girls package, is that now a 4k tip?


That is correct 4k would be required.


Would like to get information about bareback option, Thank you

I would appreciate receiving information on the bareback option as well. Many thanks!

Looking to take a trip in April but I was curious about the procedure for Bareback and what the rules are on filming. I’d like a souvenir or two of my trip for the memories but I don’t see any rules on my ability/cost to film. Thanks.


PM has been sent.


What is the details on bareback and I have a creampie fetish. Can that be arranged?


We do offer a bareback option. The details have been sent to your email address. In regards to creampie please check out services offered by each companion. This data is only available to Membersmembers.


I’m shopping around and you guys are fantastic in every way. I’m looking for a 7 day stay BUT (There’s always a “but” I suppose) I’m interested in unprotected sex. Hope this can be worked out.


PM has been sent.


What are the details on the bareback option?


PM sent

I just want to clarify something. When you book a package let’s say for 2 nights, you will get 1 24 hour companion per day each day of your stay?


If you book “1-24hr.companion exchangeable” option via travel reservation form, then the answer would be, yes. (you would get a new companion on every night of your stay.)


My fiance and I are newly engaged and are looking to expand our sex and intimacy with other women


Please check out article ” all inclusive resorts adults only ” from a couples perspective. We do hope it helps in your decision.


If i book the package that has 1 24hr companion and a 2hr companion, does the 2 hr companion have sex with me and my other companion or just me?


That depends if the following conditions are met:
1. Your 24 hour companion is bi-sexual.
2. You discussed desire for threesome with your 24hr. companion at reception party prior to selecting her.
3. Your 2hr. is bi-sexual and agrees to threesome.

Be advised girls do reserve the right to ask for additional tip in this case, usually 0-50 USD. It all depends on companions experience level.


This may be a dumb question but might as well ask it anyways. I’m looking to book a trip mid September for my birthday and I was wondering if there are any special rates for that?


Discounts are offered via payment options. If you select bitcoin , you can save up to 31%, On Credit Card you save a lesser percentage.


Thankyou. I cannot wait to book my trip in june. I can honestly say out of all the other resorts websites i have visited yours has the most information given in an understandable way.

Package includes air fare?

Do you have packages for women? I have 8 other girls coming to DR with me and we’d like some male company!


We do offer packages for women, please use our new beta travel form to reserve:


I did not see airfare included in the all inclusive. Can you recommend which airline to use and the airport I would be flying in to

Rick, Please read our article regarding this topic here.


I’m looking for a weekend with 2 girls, however I am a fan of naturally extremely busty women. I didn’t see anyone in particular that fit that description. Can you accommodate?


We have plenty of busty girls we can present on arrival at reception party.


I am an ass man. Do you have any girls that accommodate anal?


This not a general question as each companion has her own respective rules, Please log into members area to display “services offered” area in each companions profile.


Hi, the packages look great and so do the girls! On sex part, do some girls have limitations? Like for say no threesome lesbian experience? Also, is there a package where you can have more than 2 girls? Yeah, I’m a bit greedy, but hey I’m getting married in about a year, so why not enjoy it now to the fullest 🙂

Can I just stay at your hotel without going girls service


Sorry, that is not possible.


Hi, I love looking at the pictures of the girls, I think I know a couple of them! Do you offer resident discounts for us guys who live in the Dominican Republic like many of the major hotels? The girls look better than ever!

I would like a girl and boy not more than 20 years both slim for sex. Like to share both in bed and have sex with the boy not gay. But like to see him fuck the girl and suck his cock with cum and kiss him mouth to mouth along with the girl. Can you arrange for that.


We can accommodate, please fill out custom reservation form to proceed.


Hey I will be at the paradisus palma real September 18 -23 id like to book 1 girl for 4 nights!!! How much with that cost I already have the hotel paid for I just need a model to spend my time with


Please view our “local services” page which covers this topic.


Coming down in one week where are you able to have sex with the girls beach??? etc

I noted someone asked a question regarding an unprotected sex option. I didn’t see any information on the website regarding this option and was wondering if you could please provide as much information as you can about this option and which of the models are available for this option. Thank you.

We usually reply to these comments via PM. PM sent!


I would also like info on the bareback option and a list of which girls allow that.


Membership is required to view this data.


Can I request girl for unprotected sex I’m
Clean and tested thank you coming down for a vacation with friend in July

Tony, Yes you can, I have sent a PM.


do u provide asian girls as well


Sorry, we do not currently have Asian girls to offer.


Simple questions, say i have a 24 hour companion and also have a 2 hour daily companion. I understand my 24 is unchangeable and thats fine.

My question is about the 2 hour companion. Can I pick daily from anyone on site or am I stuck with meeting the same girl every day?
Also is the time to meet that a certain time or is it whenever I feel like it?

While I’m here I want some variety in my temporary companion (2hr) but keep my day companion for my whole stay.


With the 2 hour companion option, you will get a new line up every night. In other words, you will indeed have a different 2 hr. companion every night.


I’m considering booking a trip if I can be assured of what I’m looking for. Prior to making the decision to book I wanted to ask if it is possible to have you determine what girls on staff are known squirter’s. I have that fantasy of being with a squirter. Is this possible?


We do not currently ask the girls if they are squirters in the interview process,We can get that data for you and put this together via a custom reservation request, click here to proceed.

Mark, if you know what you’re doing they are all squirters

Oh really,. Interesting.. but I’ve heard that some might not be able..

So I may be missing something, but what are the “assumptions” listed in the packages?


We assume you will select the “Save 21%” payment option on checkout.


This may seem like a redundant question, but I just want to clarify. In the included package I pay upfront, does that also cover all the food/drink, amenities that come with our suite? Not including fun with the ladies of course.


Your package does indeed include unlimited food/drinks, amenities and Yes, the companions as well.

What about airfare ?


Airfare is not included in any packages.


I see your packages show one 24-hour girl per night does that mean she is with me for a continuous 48 hours if so what can you do with her for that time

I would also like to know if the ladies stay with the guest for the full 48 hrs + or if they are actually only available at certain times.

Question has been answered.


ryanmc22 ryanmc22

Can you PM me with an answer to the question about the 48, 72hours. Are the girls with you the entire 72hours or is this a choice made by the man?


The girls are with you a full 24 hours for each day of your stay.

Cheers 😉

I see this guy has 29 thumbs up on his question…why don’t you answer his question? Also, I lost my password & website doesn’t seem to be working for me to get it, can you send it to me?

Craig, The question has been answered thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I searched for your email and you do not seem to be a registered member, please reply with your membership number and I will look into the matter.



Correct, she will be with you for the duration of your vacation here with us. To be clear, If you had a 2 night package with a 24hr. non-exchangeable companion, she would be with you for a continuous 48 hrs. During that time she will provide full service GFE encounters.

Hi, is the resort wheelchair accessible? especially bathrooms,. I am using a wheelchair and like to take a lot of showers. I am interested in 3 nights with a single companion. What would be the rate ?



Our resort is wheelchair accessible, just be sure to state this request in the “instructions” field; located on the last page of our travel reservation form.

I am on a work visa to USA. Can I visit your resort? Will I get a tourist visa?

Also is the place safe for travel and can I get details of travel agents who can take care of every thing?


Any type of visa from the USA is acceptable to customs and they will have no issue in granting you a tourist visa on entry.


By “24 hour companion” I take that to mean I can have basically have sex with my companion any time of the day (assuming all is well with my companion). Is this anywhere on the resort?

What about girls/women that are new to your company? Can you request a virgin? Do women display any special sexual skills or options?

Have you had any security issues or problems with local government? I’m very concerned about safety and remaining anonymous. Also, I will be flying by private jet how close is the private jet airport to your location?


We have not experienced any security issues and are in full compliance with local laws. You will feel very safe here. For 100% anonymity we highly recommend our private villas.


Do the girls dress up in different outfits at night?


That is correct our girls dress up every night, for the nightly strip show at the reception party, all our girls must be on the catwalk after 9pm. best time to visit the reception house for the show is after 11pm.

I don’t have a USA passport I have a CANADIAN passport. i notice in one comment it said you had to have a USA passport.

Mike, We do apologize. That statement should read “A passport is required to enter the Dominican Republic”. You may enter with a Canadian passport.


I will be with the family at the Nickelodeon Resort. Is it possible to have some kind of package for a 2 hour daily visit?


Unfortunately,we do not offer such an option,clients in your particular situation usually book 2 nights with us and use the private chauffeur to shuttle them back and forth between resorts.

Do I need a passport from the usa for this vacation


A USA passport is required, there are overnight passport services you may use such as “Abriggs” passport and visa agency located in the USA among others.


Are the rates quoted in the packages per night or for 2 nights ?


The rates displayed are per night with a 2 night minimum.

Is there a way to request the the twins and how much exra does it cost


With membership you can exercise your preselection privileges to preselect the twins, membership costs $109 USD per 3 months.

Hi looking for the darkest girl who doesn’t shave and hopefully hirsute. Looks are not as important as personality because I may stay a week with one girl. Is it also possible that she could be a local guide as I hate tourist stuff? Age can be up to 40 if necessary. Can you also the best rate for this service please?
thanks, joel

I like short girls with large breast or very large nips. How small can I get “little people is okay too” looking at two packages for me and my nephew. Thanks K


We have not considered having midgets, oh! sorry… I meant to say “vertically challenged people” in our roster, we will definitely consider it; now that we see there might be a demand for this.


Hi i wish to know if the bachellor combo is still available, want to travel july 15th stay 4 days,


Bachelor party package is still available, Please click here to view or book.

Looking for more details on the girls thanks


What exact details were you seeking besides what we already offer in our industry leading model profiles. Maybe we missed a detail somewhere somehow?? Or maybe you have not signed up for membership which will enable you to get full details. If that is the case please click here to sign up today.

If I like a girl and she chooses me, are we permitted to stay in contact after I leave and have a relationship? I’m not referring to later hookups for sex, I mean a relationship that could lead to marriage.


This happens a lot, we just stay out of the way. You can’t come between a man & a woman.chemistry always prevails.


If I were to book for one 24hr companion, but later wanted to add a 2hr companion, could I do that? How much would that cost additionally?

Adding a 2hr. companion after arrival will cost you $350 USD, It is best to add companions via the travel reservation form for $200 USD. Disclaimer: Prices quoted are accurate as of the time & date stamp on this comment, Prices are subject to change without prior notification.

I have a dumb question; but I’m sure you do. Would you happen to have 3 very petite shemales on the menu. I crave shemales every now and then and I’m looking forward to staying a few nights. Hope to see you soon.

We do have petitte she-males available. Just be sure to request an all TS or she-male line up for your reception party via our travel reservation form in the field labeled “Instructions” located on the payment page (Last page) of the form.

Looking for information for my wife and I to book vacation. Please e mail information

What is the currency of the rates shown for this resort? Example package 1 says 1065. What is currency is 1065?

Currency displayed in all packages are in United States Dollar or USD.

Do you guys screen women for STD ?

Our girls are tested on arrival and every three months thereafter. It is part of our Licensing requirement imposed by the Dominican Government.

Need to have 4 night booking
With 1 Girl
Send me price

I would like to know the cost of a 4 days/3 nights stay. With 2 girls (bi sexual) one a European with true redhead. they both are ages 25 to 35 and ht: 5 feet 3 inch to 6 feet. I’m looking to stay in Sept.

Do you exclusively have to book through your organization, or can I book with a source here in canada?

We do not work with travel agents, Travel agents or anybody interested in working with us are advised to sign up as affiliates and use their unique URL to place their bookings and earn commission.

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