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Yulia DR. Nights VIP client host

DR Nights offers 4 star accommodations and services, each clients gets a V.I.P. client host whom is always on call throughout your vacation. We are proud to present actual testimonials from our previous clients below, testimonials have been consolidated into this page from various 3rd party reputable source as well as feedback sent directly to us.

2nd Trip to the Dominican Republic, DR Nights Adult Sex Vacation Resort.

DR Nights Staff: Thanks for the great stay in Bavaro! Katy, Yani and Donatella were great! My stay was too short a time. I know better for next time.
Mark and Andres - you were both very supportive and helpful - thank you.

This time I tried the Resort, and came down alone, Just as Promised on the website.
I can give you more info later ( I just got home - and the weather is only 20 degrees F with 8" of snow forecasted for Wednesday so I should have stayed longer if my schedule had allowed), but I wanted to say thanks - I will be coming back.

- The Erotic Review

DR Nights review - Private Villa Package

Highly recommend this new company, they have a different setup from other resorts, I have been to exotic retreat, and vikings, I like drnights the best due their custom vacations, you tell them how you want it, and they make it happen flawlessly. I had made reservations with this company 1 week in advance, for the Golf and Private Villa Package, I opted this route because my colleagues, and I can't afford to be seen in a resort, discretion is very important to us, We were assigned a host, who arranged everything for us, whatever we needed or wanted we called Mark and he made it happen, we were picked up at the airport by two very beautiful girls, DR nights has mostly local dominican girls ranging from 8-10's, however we did see jessica from switzerland (smokin) and Dayanni (brazilian) Mark had stated he had more girls coming in from columbia, and brazil, well moving on we were brought to a reception house where they lined up about 30 girls, we had to pick from all these beautiful girls, toughest choice of our lives, our package included 4 girls per day, one for each of us, you can get whatever you want, I personally would rather stick with 1. Then brought over to our villa, everything was perfect villa was 5 star all the way, they have pics on their website, just as promised, our maid took care of all our needs, girls were GFE experience aimed to please, and I must say the GOLF was world class, Punta Espada #1, it was coordinated seamlessly, DRNIGHTS gets two thumbs up. Will definitely use again.


I just wanted to thank everyone for a GREAT vacation. The staff at DR Nights were fabulous
and Donatella was a sweetheart!!??!! I would give her a rating of 15 out of a scale of 1 to 10.

She was just out of the world plus all the other girls that I had the opportunity to meet and

'have fun' with. It was the best vacation that I have had in my life and I plan on coming down

to visit you many, many more times!!!!!

- Patrick D

Thanks for the good time.....Had a blast down there......As I had told you I was a little nervous about coming down but I am glad I did...

- Mike D.

 Sorry about having to go but I needed to get back to New York and get my glasses fixed in time for me to go back to work next week, its a good thing too because it is going to take until friday to get them back. I wanted to say thanks for a great time, the girls were all very sweet, I know I can be pretty picky but overall they were all great. I had a blast and will definitely be coming back again on my next vacation, I will wait until next month and sign up for a 3 month membership so I can keep an eye out for which girls I would like to see and keep in touch. I am going to sign up for the affiliate program and start referring people to come down as soon as I get back to work. My only regret was not having more time to spend on my trip, my glasses breaking was my fault , I am already looking forward to another trip and odds are there will be a few of us and we will probably do the villa thing.



  This is a message for Mark:
I just got back from my stay with you and even though the weather was terrible for Punta Cana Thursday and Friday the trip was great.  When I was driven to the Caribe suite area I was a little disappointed since I stayed at the Platinum last time.  However I am very happy you put me there.  The hotel was better.  The room was better and so was the food. Terrific!
Larimar was absolutely fantastic!  My compliments to DR nights for having the privilege of selecting her.  WOW! All sex aside, she has to be one of your best women because if she makes a man feel like king. Very elegant, educated and a pleasure to talk with, great companion  making this a very memorable experience for me. In my opinion she is a special class above every woman there.  I am really disappointed I can could not take her with me back home. I am still not sure if she does her job so well, fell in love with me or there was just good chemistry. She really wanted to make me happy.  My compliments for having her on your staff and on a scale of 1- 10 I'd give her a 20. Find a way to keep her.  She is that good!
So I would greatly appreciate if you could give the money I paid but did not use to Larimar. With her baby, school etc I know she could use it.  Most importantly she earned it.

I would greatly appreciate if you could do that for me!


-Mark K.

I had a great time, I am already planning my next trip to visit, I told my friends and already have 2 others that will be with me on my next trip after seeing the pictures, seeing is believing. I cant wait to come back in a couple of months and do it again.


I booked this vacation on a whim, prodded by my adventurous streak. I had no idea what to expect, and I was prepared for everything, even a ripoff. However, I was absolutely pleasantly surprised. Everyone was very nice and respectful, the interactions were honest and straightforward. Everything was tried to make my stay pleasurable. What shall I say about the girls? I have never been in a room with so many stunningly beautiful ladies in my life, and every one of them could have been mine. After a while you just sit back and drift into kind of a lust nirvana and let things happen. DR nights should be added to the list of "Ten Things To Do Before You Die"..


Brad and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping us have an AMAZING time on our vacation!!  Our vacation was by far one of the best times we have had since we started vacationing together.  We actually had such a good time we are starting to plan another short trip back in April.  Thanks, once again and hopefully we will be seeing you again soon.


My wife and I had a great time. We had the intentions of having several girls while in DR, but we were having so much fun with Claribelle we decided not to change. In fact, all of the staff were cordial, respectful and helpful. Marcos was the consummate host. Thanks DR Nights for a great time...

-Mark and E

Absolutely great vacation!!! Glad we got the mix up straight. We loved the resort!!! My wife said she has never been more relaxed. Chicas excellente !!! Wife wants to know if we'll get a good discount next visit.  Ande was a true professional, he really goes the extra mile for customer service.  We'll be back

-Paul & Michele

Absolutely awesome. I have lived and worked throughout America Latina and I have to say Larimar is absolutely one of the best companions I have ever encountered. She is elegant, educated, real and fabulous on every account.

Overall, DRNIGHTS is a good experience. Nice ladies and la Republica is a great location, but it all pales in comparison to Larimar.

-Juan Reid

Here is a candid review posted by a client in regards to our " Local Services " we thought you might enjoy:

DR Nights was professional in all of our dealings, as you would expect from the apparent second largest agency in the country. I contacted Marc months early because I wanted a girl to join me at a nudist resort who spoke English. He said there shouldn't be a problem, just look at the girls in their "Local Services" list and fill in the reservation form. I looked and made notes of the English speakers but didn't make a reservation right then because I expected there might be some turn over during the intervening months.

When I finally made my reservation I sent them the names of four girls who were bi-lingual but then I didn't hear back. I finally called and my reservation was still open because I hadn't entered my flight information. I explained that I was coming in two weeks before I needed the girl and leaving a week after we parted. They apologized for the mistake and my reservation was immediately processed. They ran my credit/debit card and my bank suspended my account for the second time, afraid someone had stolen my card. I straightened out my bank but it was suggested to me by experienced travelers that I should have notified my bank that I was planning to travel out of the country so they wouldn't be so paranoid. (And they could give me a list of banks in the country of destination that were on their network.)

One bit of confusion with the website was that they only have actual offices in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata. On the website they list a bunch of places a girl can be delivered to but you have to pay a delivery fee. I needed to do some sight seeing in Puerto Plata so I scheduled to pick up Larimar in Playa Dorada at Coco Bongo. Buying a local phone and purchasing twelve dollars worth of minutes proved very helpful as Coco Bongo filled up with Anglos just before our appointment time. Apparently (Max) was early and waited for half an hour before he called me. (I'd been there an hour, had lunch and drinks.) Larimar was the girl in the picture but she's had her breasts enlarged since the picture was taken. She was great, snuggling and kissing in the taxi all the way to the resort. She'd never been to a nudist resort and it took some getting used to but she remembered that Marc had told her she didn't need to bring any clothes as she would be naked the whole time. (She brought two bags and an over stuffed suitcase that was even more stuffed with two dinner costumes and a Playboy towel I had given her before she left.)

Larimar was great, very affectionate, outgoing and considerate (she made sure I was satisfied at least twice a day). But she didn't get naked in public. She was naked in the room and she wore a sheer beach dress but until she saw that other women had implants she was embarrassed to take off her bra. Then she had it off the rest of the day. We almost had sex on the beach but she was too shy. But back in the room she wasn't shy in the least and she told me later how much she'd enjoyed the foreplay on the beach.

Her English was far from perfect but she was easy to understand and she made sure that people understood my poor Spanish and that I got what I had ordered.


The forms on the website require specific information that might not match your situation and their computer won't process a reservation until all the boxes are filled. Also they require a credit card to process a deposit (Unless you have worked with them before) even in you're in country and minutes away. (And they want to photocopy your credit card and passport so their credit company has no questions about your order being real.)

In Conclusion

Larimar and DR Nights lived up to their hype and I couldn't be happier.

Sexcation Reviews

Sorry its taken a couple of weeks for me to write, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything. The resort was beautiful, the women were warm and stunning, and I would recommend this opportunity for everyone. If you are reading this, and asking yourself if it could be real... It is. Each day of a DR Nights vacation is equal to a week of regular vacation. Don't question yourself further. Click the link and book a vac...


First of all I have to say thank you Mark You are a great host. My stay with DR Night was amazing. Jacky was a great choice and all the other girl where very cool. This is my 2nd trip to DR nights and I already planning my next trip.



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